Sketch of your family

work on paper
  • Paper size28cm x 38cm or 56cm x 76cm
  • Lead timeWithin 8 weeks
  • MaterialCharcoal on handmade Italian paper


5% of the proceeds go to families in need who are struggling with poverty.

A Likeness is a participatory project in which families of all kinds can commission me to sketch personal portraits of each of their members. 


The quantity in checkout should match the number of family members you would like sketched.

Once purchased, you will be contacted by the studio to arrange a video call with the entire family for a little meet and greet.

After the call, a photograph of each member of the family will be required before the drawings can begin.

Short explanation

Portrait Drawing

During this time when UFOs and entities on other planets are at the forefront of conversations, I believe that we should spend less time finding life on Mars and more on fixing the Earth we currently occupy. Thinking about the endless space above our heads also makes me think of the ground our feet currently touch. What do we consider to be our reality, and with whom do we share it? Thinking about aliens reminds me that as humans we have more similarities than differences.

I like to use my art as a tool of action — it is my way of protesting about a cause or speaking on an issue I care deeply about. How can we as humans help other humans? How can I offer my own passions to the collective? What skills can I apply to help the whole?

I hope that the project I propose here will represent an effort to think more expansively and generously about our fellow people and act as a reminder — to myself and others — to fight for better living standards for families around the world.

A Likeness

A Likeness draws inspiration from and is a participatory project in which families of all kinds can commission me to sketch personal portraits of each of their members. This project invites members of the public to become patrons of the arts, a concept inspired by the Medici family and their lasting influence on the world today.

A portion of the proceeds will go to around the world. A Likeness is my way of asking myself the question: How can I utilize my own skills for something that can go beyond myself and be an offering to the collective — a way to share my passions with other humans? I hope my project will be a small, intentional way for me to center myself around this goal, and to reframe how I think about my role in the fight for better living standards in the home that all humans share.

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