Portovenere Stone and Ceramic

  • ProjectBodies of Water
  • ProductionOne-of-a-kind
  • Origin Italy
  • MaterialMarble, ceramic, and metal (or textile or natural resin sheet)
  • BulbE26/E27 base
  • IlluminationLED retrofit lamp
  • ApprovalsSupplied with approved international components


5% of the proceeds go to Water.org

The base is created using black marble 'Nero Portoro' from , located in the Tuscan region of Italy. The upper part of the lamp is made using local clay from Nove di Bassano, a particular high fire clay called gres which is very strong and grains of small stones can be seen in the texture.

Available with a clay lampshade.
Natural resin shade is available upon request.


White marble from or black marble 'Nero Portoro' from . Partially machine cut and partially hand-chiseled. The Bodies of Water lamps have various configurations and sizes. The lamps are also intended to be paired with a .

Bodies of Water

From 2016 to 2020, I suffered from heavy metal toxicity, thought to be caused by contaminated water. I had little energy, poor focus, and troubled breathing. While recovering, my doctor advised that I only drink from glass bottles to avoid any further exposure, and I complied, even though I hated the wastefulness of this type of consumption. However, for the many people who live in cities with lead pipes or poor filtering of municipal water, this is an unceasing and unavoidable part of life.