Black Sheep

  • ProjectA Likeness
  • MaterialCeramic, metal components


5% of the proceeds go to families in need who are struggling with poverty.

A Likeness

A Likeness draws inspiration from and is a participatory project in which families of all kinds can commission me to sketch personal portraits of each of their members. This project invites members of the public to become patrons of the arts, a concept inspired by the Medici family and their lasting influence on the world today.

A portion of the proceeds will go to around the world. A Likeness is my way of asking myself the question: How can I utilize my own skills for something that can go beyond myself and be an offering to the collective — a way to share my passions with other humans? I hope my project will be a small, intentional way for me to center myself around this goal, and to reframe how I think about my role in the fight for better living standards in the home that all humans share.

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